Your Eyelids Are Getting A Makeover

The Beauty Crush Team
October 17, 2017
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Image: @stagmoller

Bold coloured eyeshadows, liners and creams are your new best friend

Bright eye shadows and liners – usually lost to the bottom of the makeup bag along with that orange lipstick you once bought and the remnants of crumbled blusher you can’t bring yourself to chuck.

Well dig them out. Because bold, insanely coloured eyelids are a thing.

Across Instagram makeup artists and brave early adopters are experimenting with a vivid spectrum of colours. Fire engine red is used to rim the eyes. Bright blue creams and shadows are applied hurriedly, with brush strokes sweeping across the skin. Yellows, pinks and lilacs are used liberally to block strong colour across the eyelid. In contrast to these statement eyes, the rest of the face is kept bare with fresh natural skin.

A full spectrum of colour is being embraced and there are many varied ways to wear it…


The Floating Liner

Image: @Jessie_makeup
An modern adaptation of a classic 60s look, bold liquid liner is streaked across the top of the eyelid.


The Artists Swish

Image: Prada Autumn Winter 2017

Prada’s MUA Pat McGrath predicted last spring that coloured lids would be big for autumn. She added colour onto the lids emphasizing the quick strokes of the brush.


Colour Block

Image: @marshacalori

MUA Marsha Calori applied a thick purple eyeliner all the way up to the crease of the eyelid for a dramatic look.



Image: Versus Versace Autumn Winter 2017

Inspiration for the adventurous, MUA Val Garland gave models strong angled eyeshadow.


Powdery Yellow


Who would have thought that yellow eyeshadow would actually take off? At least, not yet on the street but all over instagram makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike are giving it a go.


Colour Bleed

Image: @colettem_

With a nod the 80s makeup, cream or shadow is applied right up to the brow line and blended to appear as if it has been airbrushed.


Just A Touch

Image: @frandonemakeup

A soft dab of colour in the corner of the eyes and dotted across the lid is the more subtle take on the bold eye idea.


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