Get To Know: The First Beauty Blogger To Create A Collection Of Makeup With Beauty Crush

The Beauty Crush Team
October 27, 2017
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Meet Laurie Elle, the blogger who has created a capsule collection of makeup, the first of our collaborations

Thirty thousand people watch her daily move across instagram and youtube. She offers them a view into her world – where she gets her hair done, her everyday makeup routine and pictures of her outfits snapped between her dance classes at university.

But in many ways Laurie Elle is just a normal 19 year old from Manchester. She blogs from her bedroom and fan girls over Alex Chung like the rest of the country. And that’s why her followers can’t stop scrolling.

“I like to write from an angle of an ordinary person who likes to use makeup but isn’t a professional makeup artist,” says Laurie Elle. “There are a lot of super talented makeup artists slaying the internet right now, but not everyone has that crazy skill. So I like to share my opinions of a girl who loves using makeup but isn’t necessary going to show any complicated techniques.”

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Laurie Elle began writing about her life and beauty adventures aged 12 after stumbling across blogs on Twitter.
“I wanted to write about things that I personally found exciting and makeup was definitely that. I used to make wish lists of all the products I needed to get my hands on and then would write about them on my blog,” she says.

Her Own Makeup

This September Beauty Crush offered Laurie Elle the chance to make her own products – she opted to create a matte lipstick and face palette – items that she would wear everyday.

“The products I’ve made with Beauty Crush, I would 100% class as my signature look. I’ve always looked for the perfect matte bronzer, rosy pink blusher and glowing highlight trio. And a matte nude pink lipstick is my go-to for a everyday and evening look. I couldn’t live without these products, they are definitely my favourites!”

Quick Fire Questions On Laurie Elle’s Beauty Routine

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